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Frequenty Asked Questions
I did not receive my lost password/verification email?
If you are using one of the free email providers like gmail or yahoo mail etc. - please check your junk mail/spam folders.

How are points awarded?
When completing a puzzle, points are awarded for both you and your country as follows:

1st place: 50 points, 2nd place: 30 points, 3rd place: 20 points, 4th place and beyond: 10 points.

An additional 50 points are awarded for a unique #1 solution. These points will be deducted should another member match the same solution.

Scores are recalculated for members who have already completed the puzzle and both member and country rankings are adjusted accordingly.

There are two leader boards, one for best-move solutions, and one for best-push. You receive a rank and points for both leader boards even if you only have one solution submitted for the puzzle.

In most cases, a puzzle will have the same number of moves and pushes for both leader boards. Where this is not the case, you can submit additional solutions to improve either leader board.

You can continue to play the level an unlimited number of times, however, only the "best" solution will count towards each leader board.

What is the 🏆 next to a record?
This signifies a level having a sole number 1 solution for either the moves or pushes record i.e. a single member has the best solution that no other member has been able to match.

What is the 🔥 next to a record?
This signifies a better known solution from an external site.

What is LURD?
Left, up, right, down are the directions that the Sokoban takes in order to solve a puzzle. The LURD notation uses the first letter of the direction to denote this.

e.g. lllddrruuUUDDRdurlurrldulruldLLDDRUlduld

Normally a lowercase letter denotes the movement of the Sokoban, while an uppercase letter denotes an actual push of an object.

How are certain members able to finish many complex puzzles in a matter of seconds?
Some of our members have solved many of the puzzles available on Let's Logic and have built up their own collection of solutions. They use the "bulk uploader" to upload solutions which makes it appear as if they are completing these puzzles at a rapid rate.

How is it possible for members to have the exact same amount of steps for a puzzle that could have many different solutions?
Some members use automatic solvers which would yield the same results for completing a puzzle. Some members even share solutions as their purpose is to have the most optimized solution, whether it be human calculated or with software.

How are member created puzzle different from the puzzles contained in the packs?
There is no difference. Points are awarded in the exact same way. These puzzles will eventually find their way into the packs and your points/solutions will be retained.

What is "My Attempts"?
The "My Attempts" feature keeps track of your attempts to solve puzzles that were not successful.

Each time you attempt a puzzle an entry will automatically be placed here. When you successfully complete the puzzle the entry will automatically be removed.

This will happen regardless of how many times you attempt the puzzle but only one entry per puzzle will be listed.

If you complete a puzzle and later on re-attempt it, the entry will once again be placed here until you solve the puzzle once more.

You can click the trashcan icon next to an attempt to remove it. This is safe to do as it only removes the attempt entry, not any points earned should you have solved this puzzle on a previous attempt.

What can I do about my screen scrolling when using the arrows keys to control the Sokoban?
If your screen resolution is not large enough to display the full puzzle you can either try switching your browser to full screen mode (usually the F11 key) or use the 'A', 'S', 'D' and 'W' keys.

Still have a question?
Please ask here.

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9. Rincewind 3,537,220
10. wcgbg 3,315,360
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1. Germany 18,417,360
2. France 13,916,260
3. Serbia 12,636,800
4. United States 12,130,720
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